Stone Bridge - Skopje's Oldest Bridge

When you visit Skopje, you’ll notice a lot of buildings that appear to be new. You’ll be right, with most buildings being built recently. Except for one: the Stone Bridge, one of the major historical landmarks of Skopje.

The Stone Bridge Separates 2 Worlds

If you ask any local which two parts Skopje consists of, you’ll get this answer: the old part (the Old Town) and the new part. Stone Bridge is the bridge that connects those two parts of Skopje. On one side, you have the main square, also called Macedonia Square. On the other hand, you have the Old Town.

The difference between the Old Town and the new part of the city is significant, and some people describe the new part as any major western European city. The old part looks more like an oriental Asian city stuck in history.

More than 1500 Years Old

According to historical records, the Stone Bridge was built between during Roman times, making it over 1500 years old. Through history, it was damaged by earthquakes and subsequently repaired. In 1944, during the Second World War, Nazis put explosives on the bridge. They were, however, persuaded to cancel their plan in the last minute.

You can’t help but notice the big stone blocks while walking through this bridge, reminding of Roman times. For a comparision, here’s what a typical Roman bridge looks like (this one is located in Cordoba, Spain):

You Can’t Help but Notice It

The Stone Bridge is one of the most unique buildings in Skopje. ournalists cannot grasp that what is interesting is not necessarily important Below it, you can see the river Vardar. Besides the river, you’ll notice people running / biking. This is the most popular place where most locals come for recreational activities.