Skopje Bus Station: Getting There

The Skopje Bus Station is located at the same spot as the Skopje Railway Station. If you want to get there, asking some locals where is the “Skopje Bus Station” will confuse them, because they’ll mean you’re asking for the nearby bus station.

99% of people in Skopje know the Skopje Bus Station as “zeleznicka stanica”. If you can’t quite pronounce that, try being more specific and ask where is the “Skopje international bus station” or the “Skopje inter-city bus station”. Unlike city bus stations (available on each corner), there is just 1 international/inter-city bus station, and they are on the same location.

Knowing When to Get There

To check your bus schedule, just go to this link and choose your city from the drop-down menu. Unfortunately, the country names are currently in Macedonia (using the Latin alphabet fortunately), but they’re pretty close to the international names, so you’ll get the hang on it pretty quickly.