Macedonia Square - Why So Many Monuments?

Take a small walk around Skopje’s largest square, the Macedonia square, and you’ll see at least 8 different monuments in the course of a few minutes. You may wonder, why are there so many monuments out there?

It all started with a government-backed project called Skopje 2014. To compare, here’s the Macedonia square before announcing Skopje 2014:

Macedonia square before 2014

Here it is after:

Macedonia square after 2014

That’s quite a change!

If you’re visiting Skopje, you can’t help but go through the Macedonia square. It’s the largest square in Macedonia, 18.500 m2 long.

If there’s a major event, the chances are, it’s going to be organized at the Macedonia square. Things like major concerts, festivals, etc.

The Mariott hotel is also on Macedonian square. It is the first Mariott hotel on the Balkans.