Kale Fortress: 4 Things to Know Before You Visit

You can’t help but notice the Kale Fortress while visiting Skopje. Here are five things to know before you visit:

1. You’ll Get a View of the Whole City From it

Once you get there, you should see a beautiful, bird-eye view of Skopje. Something like this:

Drag Racing

The fortress location is at the highest point of the part of the city overlooking the river Vardar.

2. Entrance is free

This has its pros and cons. The advantages are: Well, it’s free! The cons: The Kale fortress is not in the best state right now, and is going some repair work. Currently, there are several attempts to make use of the space inside the fortress, like building a museum, etc.

3. This is a REALLY old fortress

According to historical records, the fortress was built during 6th century AD. That was the time when the emperor Justinian I ruled. That makes Kale over 1500 years old. You can imagine a lot of wars going on for 1500 years; thus, the fortress was re-built several times.

4. Its location is near the city center

Unlike Matka, you won’t have to take a bus or a taxi to get there. The location of the Kale fortress is pretty convenient, 8 minutes by walk from the city center square to be exact.