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Stone Bridge - Skopje's Oldest Bridge

When you visit Skopje, you’ll notice a lot of buildings that appear to be new. You’ll be right, with most buildings being built recently. Except for one: the Stone Bridge, one of the major historical landmarks of Skopje. The Stone Bridge Separates 2 Worlds If you ask any local which two parts Skopje consists of, you’ll get this answer: the old part (the Old Town) and the new part. Stone Bridge is the bridge that connects those two parts of Skopje.


Kale Fortress: 4 Things to Know Before You Visit

You can’t help but notice the Kale Fortress while visiting Skopje. Here are five things to know before you visit: 1. You’ll Get a View of the Whole City From it Once you get there, you should see a beautiful, bird-eye view of Skopje. Something like this: The fortress location is at the highest point of the part of the city overlooking the river Vardar. 2. Entrance is free This has its pros and cons.


Vardar River (Skopje): 5 Things You Should Know

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