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Skopje Bus Station: Getting There

The Skopje Bus Station is located at the same spot as the Skopje Railway Station. If you want to get there, asking some locals where is the “Skopje Bus Station” will confuse them, because they’ll mean you’re asking for the nearby bus station. 99% of people in Skopje know the Skopje Bus Station as “zeleznicka stanica”. If you can’t quite pronounce that, try being more specific and ask where is the “Skopje international bus station” or the “Skopje inter-city bus station”.


Macedonia Square - Why So Many Monuments?

Take a small walk around Skopje’s largest square, the Macedonia square, and you’ll see at least 8 different monuments in the course of a few minutes. You may wonder, why are there so many monuments out there? It all started with a government-backed project called Skopje 2014. To compare, here’s the Macedonia square before announcing Skopje 2014: Here it is after: That’s quite a change! If you’re visiting Skopje, you can’t help but go through the Macedonia square.


Skopje Old Bazaar - Everything You Need to Know Before You Go

The Old Bazaar is the oldest marketplace in Macedonia, and one of the oldest in the Balkans. This article will describe everything you wanted to know about it. It Dates Back From the 12th Century According to historical records, the Old Bazaar was a merchant quarter, back in the 12th century. After the Ottomans took over the Balkans, the Old Bazaar became the primary center of commerce for Skopje.